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    katerobinss: “My cousin just met Kendall Jenner…..so jealous”

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    Miles Davis: The Columbia Albums 1963 - 1964 Sessions [4]

    Seven Steps to Heaven - recorded 1963, released 1963

    In Europe - rec. 1963, rel. 1964

    My Funny Valentine - rec. 1964, rel. 1965

    "Four" & More - rec. 1964, rel. 1966

    Miles In Tokyo - rec. 1964, rel. 1969

    Miles In Berlin - rec. 1964, rel. 1965

    Miles Davis - Trumpet

    George Coleman / Wayne Shorter - Tenor Saxophone

    Herbie Hancock / Victor Feldman - Piano

    Ron Carter - Bass

    Tony Williams / Frank Butler - Drums

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    Miles Davis, 1969 — Giuseppe Pino

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  9. Monte Carlo. ‘88. In qualifying session. Saturday afternoon.

    I was already on pole. Then I was by half a second. Then one second. And I was going. I was going and I was going and I was going.

    Suddenly, I was about two seconds faster than anyone else. I was kind of driving it by instinct. I was in a different dimension. I was like in a tunnel. Well beyond my conscious understanding.

    Some moments when I am driving just detach me completely from anything else.

    Monaco, 1988. On that day, I said to myself ‘that was the maximum for me; no room for anything more.’ I never really reached that feeling again.

    Ayrton Senna 

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